Ambitious, but rubbish

Space Quest something!
by Justas (17 May 2012)
The Two Guys From Andromeda are back.

There's a Kickstarter:

Go add money.
Back in __ minutes
by Pstonie (9 June 2007)
Hello and welcome to GGC Media. You have reached what is referred to as a dead site. The GGC is where my Estonian friend, Justas, and I used to post the fruits of our labour. But like all good things, we got really bored of it and decided to do something else instead.

I have since continued my personal search, 'walking the earth' as I called it, and succeeded in finding my mojo. I have since started blogging, and we'll see what comes next. I don't really know what Justas is up to these days, but it probably involves a jar of pickles and a peeing rodent. Oh yes, and then there's our British friend, Gareth, who used to occasionally supply us with his English wit, music and movie reviews back in the good old days. He's elevated himself to a state of perpetual correctness (AKA blogging). Link below.

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Zombie Drive-by (My new blog)
Gamma (Where you're always wrong) [site offline]

Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

All the memories are too few
by Pstonie (13 October 2006)
I would just like to say, in case anyone is reading, that I will not be updating the site anymore. I'm retiring from collaborative independent media distribution. Like Caine from Kung Fu, I think that I might go forth from here and walk the earth. You know, get in adventures and shit.

I don't think I knew that I was interested in media when we started GC Interactive (which would later become GGC Media), but I have become aware of both its power and its grip on me. I have by no means given up on media creation/distribution, for good or at all. I still have things that I'd like to do. Like, I have this idea about an episodic animated series that I'd like to see happen. But there's no rush, so I'll be taking it easy. Futures. Ch'pla!

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!

Deep Thought of the Day
by Justas (27 September 2006)
People aged 13-19 are called teens.

People aged 21-29 are called twenty-somethings.

I'm exactly 20. Does that make me a twenty-nothing?

Dr. Jeff answers your IT questions (which don't appear in columns for some reason)

New reality TV show will put martyrs in 'Paradise'

On procrastination
by Pstonie (21 September 2006)
I just found this article that discusses procrastination and the ways to overcome it. I wouldn't call myself a procrastinator, but surely some of my behaviour suggests it. They say admitting you've got a problem is the first step. I'm still on that first step. The step is my home.

No, my particular problem is that of GTA, as has been covered here before. I may think that the game engine needs work and some of the missions are not well designed, but that doesn't stop me from spending hours at a time there. I just recently started the single player missions again, and it hasn't exactly helped matters.

Anyways, once you switch out the term 'procrastination' with 'playing GTA' (or whatever else revs your motor), this becomes very relevant. Like this list they suggest you fill out:

I am delaying on __eating_ because...

Reasons for delay:
1. Them Ballas be rollin' up on my turf again.
2. It's a game where you can pick up hookers, 'nuff said.
3. Those cops is dumb and entertainish.
4. I just edited 'handling.cfg' and one car is now really fast.
5. Uhh... Subbuteo?

Arguments against delay:
1. I'm pretty hungry by now.
2. Going to Burger Shot in the game doesn't help.
3. Picking up a hooker in the game kinda does.
4. There's just one more thing I wanna try...
5. Uhh... Subbuteo?

Justas, make me a sandwich!

Top Gear's Richard Hammond critically injured during filming

Luscher colour test - may help determine your personality

Microsoft 'Soapbox' Takes On YouTube

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