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They set us up the bomb

by Justas (17 January 2004)

Ok, so you might have noticed that we don't update the frontpage enough for it to be called a "livejournal" (so we're going to call it "The Deskpot" instead, despite it making no sense whatsoever). But don't worry, the lack of updates is only temporary, the site's still just starting up and we have to make some content before we can start with the more frequent updates. Plus, at the moment, we don't have any fans or regulars to check the site anyway, so why bother? And if you actually are a fan, click the "DISCUSS" link below, sign up at the forum and tell us what you think about this whole deal.

In other news, we now have an "About us" page for all those of you who still don't know much about GGC media and the two freaks running the business around here. As for me, I discovered a game called Anachronox (more about that in my next update. Or the one after that), my Christmas holidays ended, I went back to school, had two olympiads, finished GTA3 and ate some cookies. And tonight I'm going to watch "Smokey and the Bandit" on TV. That's all for now, y'all.