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Life - The Movie

by Pstonie (18 January 2004)

Whoa. Let me tell you, writing an update like this after a day like yesterday is not easy. For those of you that don't know, yesterday (17 Jan) was World Midget in a Bikini day. What a blast that was.

To get back to the update though, I've recently started a new job in another city. And that required me to move to the new city. Things where quite hectic, with the move, getting my first ever broadband connection installed and registering this web space (which I'm very satisfied with). I'm only now up to the point where I've settled in and being able to write about it.

Before this, I was a desktop technician, contracted by the IT company I work for to a local oil company. For a while, during my last part of employment there, things seemed a bit unsatisfactory for me. There were no signs of promotion and the projects became pretty menial tasks requiring less and less technical skill. South Africa isn't exactly the easiest place to find a job, never mind a better one. The usual way of doing things is to find a job and cling to it for your life while you pray that you don't lose it. I was not happy with this and started looking towards other countries for a better chance at what I wanted realised. The Netherlands was at the top of my list, but their policies were not very kind towards people that live in countries from outside the list of acceptable ones. So that idea was put on the very back of the burner and I decided to stick to my then current job until something better came along.

So instead I decided to get some certifications that would increase my chances of promotion or getting a better opportunity elsewhere. I started with two MCP certifications, working towards the seven required to be certified as a Microsoft Certified Service Engineer. After that, things went on as normal for another couple of months until out of nowhere a friend told me about some posts that opened up at the head office of the IT company I work for. I applied for it, I went for the interview and a few days later we were called to start the next Monday.

We alternated driving each day for the first week, but when it got to the third day of getting up at 3:30 in the morning to take the 100Km drive to work and then to only get back at nine o'clock at night, I had enough. We went searching for a flat or a house and found a nice place on the first day. I moved in that Saturday.

Johannesburg, city of my residence. *Not actual size
Now, for a guy like me, moving from a farm and industry-based province to a city with freeways and pretty girls as far as the eye can see was a big adjustment. But I learned a lot in a short time. Not only how to drive in traffic the most effective way without getting stuck behind a manure truck, but also about life. Most notably how much beauty there is in everything, yet at the same time horror. It would also make a very interesting study to see how close traffic represents human nature, and therefore life as a human.

Well that has to be the most self-absorbed thing I have ever written, save perhaps for the poem I once wrote in primary school about the size of my brain and the genius that is me. I also seemed to have gotten pretty Plato in that last paragraph, which was written as a filler for a song about boobs that didn't quite rhyme.