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Time mismanagement 101

by Justas (21 January 2004)

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. I had decided to have a go at an essay I had to give in on tuesday, by finishing it early and getting it over with. Thinking that I was in no rush to get it done, I left the TV open and IRC connected. Which was quite a mistake. At first I got distracted by something on TV that appeared to be a documentary about Danish people. Then, after a bit of chatting and surfing on the net, there was an episode of Ally McBeal where a woman had split personalities and one of them was sueing the other one. But I don't like that show anymore, ever since they introduced that old crazy pink-haired woman-man person. She/he/it freaks me out. Anyway, then I did some more chatting and discussed the essay's topic a bit, got a few ideas but didn't get too far with writing them down. And then there were two episodes of "Dharma & Greg" on TV. I love that show.

Greg: "But how can you be here? You're dead!"
George the dead Indian: "Don't worry, it's just a dream. You must go and find Dharma now."
Greg: "Ok... But wait, how do I wake up?"
George: "I'll take care of that."
Greg walks out of the kitchen, sees Pete making out with his dad on the couch and wakes up screaming.

At least the olympiad itself was fun
Well... it was probably funnier on the screen. Anyway, by the time I finally went to sleep, I still hadn't finished the darn essay. I did manage to get some more sleep at school and later also had a chance to take a peek at the results of the olympiads I had last week. There were 50 contestants in both, 10 from each of the 5 schools. I came 17th in math (with 33p out of 50) and 29th in physics (with 27p out of 50). But seeing as it was the advanced round where only the brightest minds were gathered, it wasn't so bad.

Anyway, I have to stop now, got two tests tomorrow. Oh and since I wrote all this while I should've been studying, whoever you are reading this, just remember that you now owe me one. (I'll accept Visa, Eurocard and nachos)