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by Pstonie (21 January 2004)

Last night before I finally signed off from the last PC for the last time before my departure to the domain of sleep, I was treated to the most informative read of Slashdot that I had in a very long time.

Starting from, and most-notably, the bit on the burgeoning use of popup blocking software on to the survey that indicated similar growth of the internet for this year and finally the article stating that peer-to-peer software might be able to filter copyrighted content, I started getting a very lucid image of the future of the internet and business.

I cannot recall the wonderful idea I had, but I'm sure that this wasn't it.
For one thing, I've grown attached to Mozilla Firebird, and the image that I have in my mind when I think 'popup' is a window displaying a screenshot from a game or a new PM in phpBB, not something that invades my privacy and concentration by hinting that I'm a poorly-endowed, flat-chested skinhead that for some reason would like to have images of underage girls caught on camera delivered to his inbox. I'm very rarely reminded of this form of advertising these days, but it seems that a lot of people still resort to clicking the close button on these little annoyances.

All the previously-mentioned articles that caught my eye also made me realize that the internet is going to become even more business-friendly. What an odd thing to think. Thinking back, the hundreds of thoughts that flooded my mind at that moment which made up my glorious vision was probably the effect of being deprived of sleep for quite a long time. I seem to have lost that wondrous idea now, along with the billions that I could have made from it. Damn.