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by Justas (23 January 2004)

Friday. Finally. The part of the week where I need to use my brain, is over. Which reminds me that I haven't yet said anything about my weekly routine or the fact that I live alternatingly in two different homes in two different cities. So here it comes:

Tartville at winter
It all started on the summer of 2002. I had just graduated from my first school in Põlva (AKA Polkatown) which only lasted for 9 years and provided students with the basic education, so it was time to move on. But the schools in there didn't seem very appealing and since my sister had been going to a school in Tartu (AKA Tartville, the second largest city in Estonia) and maybe even moreso because of the fact that I had in fact already been accepted to a highschool located in Tartu, it seemed like a good choice.

However, the distance between Tartville and Polkatown is 50km (30 miles for you imperial-preferring people) and taking a bus back and forth every day is not the best way to spend 2 hours of your already limited spare time. For the last two years, my sister had been living in a rented apartment in Tartu with a friend of hers, but the contract had expired. By a stroke of luck, dad managed to find another rather decent and not too expensive apartment, which happened to be in the same building as the previous one. Only this time, the four of us moved in: me, my sister, our cousin and her hyperactive pet rat who likes to pee on people.

But now to the topic in question - My weekly routine. Every sunday evening I take the 19:35 bus from Polkatown to Tartville, arrive at the Tartville apartment at around 9 o' clock, turn on the TV for the sunday-evening-9pm-movie on TV3, waste my time doing various useless things, start the weekend's schoolwork somewhere between 23:00 and midnight, go to sleep at 1:30, wake up at 6:40, sleep at school the next day, come home, find out that my sister can't be arsed to make any food, realize that neither can I, starve, study, fall asleep, wake up, study some more, have a shower, go to sleep, wake up at morning, eat cornflakes with yoghurt, go to school. And so on until friday at 17:00 when I usually go to the company where our Polkanian neighbour works in Tartville and gives me a ride back home where I arrive at around 18:00 and sleep some more. Or have a little party at the Tartvillean apartment, get more tired, sleep more and have less time to do the next weekend's homework.

"I eat because I'm unhappy. I'm unhappy because I eat. It's a vicious circle!" - Fat Bastard, AP2

In other news, just a while ago I received some interesting statistics from my colleague, Mr. D'Sane. Apparently, our site gained a visitor when someone searched Google for "They set us up the bomb" which was also the title of my pre-previous update. But we're not the kind of guys who would abuse such an opportunity just to get more visitors on our site. Anyway, that's all for now. Keep checking the site for our next update, called "nude lesbian sex hot britney tits donkey poo". I'm off to get some sleep.