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There is no 'I' in Mcrosoft

by Pstonie (28 January 2004)

As another update inspired by a series of Slashdot articles, I'll try to keep this short.

For some time now, I have been very impressed with the successes of Microsoft as well as the business practices that led thereto. I find it remarkable that a company has reached the peak of its field, not with invention or dark force powers, but through sheer business genius. I realize now that that only makes perfect sense.

The man at work
Through the appreciation that I have developed for the company, I began to notice the evolving nature that the business strategy has acquired (From the seemingly simple, to the massive, impressive and frightening machine that it has become).

Of course, the Internet (most notably, most Mac forums) has recently been abuzz over the news of Bill Gates receiving an honorary knighthood from the British monarchy for contributions to the global enterprise. Though, since he's not actually a subject of the British empire, he will not be able to call himself "Sir Bill Gates" or carry a lightsaber.

I personally feel that he and his company deserve a lot more praise than they are getting, since I feel that Microsoft has contributed a lot towards technological development and the like. We might be missing a lot of stuff if Microsoft were to disappear from the timeline.

Well, I just thought that I should get that out in the open so that I can get on with my life.