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by Justas (7 February 2004)

The constant kicking and poking I have received during the last few days from my co-workers here have lead me to the conclusion that it is time for me to do another update. So I'm doing another update. I had another 3-day weekend, thanks to another olympiad in math. As for last week's physics, I came 8th among the 11th-graders, which is rather good, I suppose. Anyway, I spent most of the free Friday playing Anachronox (a game which I'll be more thoroughly describing on this site at some time in the future), since our Internet connection died for several hours. But we can't complain about it, really. You see, at my parents' home (Polkatown), we had a 512kbit/s ADSL connection (which was upgraded to 1Mbit/s recently, free of charge). But once we got a decent computer in Tartville as well, we soon wanted to have net connection in there too.

So we found an ad for some kinda small unknown Russian ISP called Delalink and ordered their cheapest package. 64kbit/s didn't seem all that, but at least it was cheap and better than dial-up. The good news struck a few hours after the connection had been installed. The ISP must have messed something up, because instead of 64kbit/s (8KB/s), I could download stuff at speeds up to 100-120 KB/s. Apparently, the only limit to the speed seemed to be the output capability of the server hosting the downloadable files. We figured that it probably won't last for long and they'd slap on the speed limit in a few days. That was in late November. And not only has the speed not decreased by today, we haven't received a single bill from them either. If I was a racist, I'd say "Finally, them damn Russians managed to do something right!". But I'm not.

In other news, the song that will represent Estonia in this year's Eurovision, was chosen today. For those of you who don't know, Eurovision is an all-European song contest which has a history that goes back to the 1950's, when it used to be a somewhat respectful and classy event, but has now just become an over-commercialised farce, like Christmas and Halloween. The winners are chosen by the whole population, who, instead of voting for songs that are good, just vote for those who are most visually stunning and throw a ridiculous show. The best way to describe the phenomenon is "It's like a train wreck - You know you shouldn't watch it, you don't even want to watch it.... But you do." I had almost succeeded in losing all interest whatsoever in the contest a few years ago.

Word, yo!
But then Estonia won, and the vicious circle continued. Anyway, the Estonian song this year is rather strange. Apart from the freaky mad drummer person, they're also singing it in the Southern Estonian dialect, known and understood by few, including me. Also, the song that came second, was performed by a young Estonian pop star who used to go to our school. Actually, we didn't find out about the fact that she had left the school until we read about it from a magazine, which I thought was a bit weird.

But as the legendary Scatman John would say, "Ski-ba-bop-da-bop, do-ba-ba-ba-dum-de-do, bop-de-ba-ska-de-bop-de-dum, wabba-dabba-hubba-cubba-dum, ba-de-bop-de-ba-bop, ska-de-dum-de-ho-de-hum, ski-ba-daba-de-bo-bo-dap, ba-da-ski-da-de-ba-bo-ba-bop, I'm the Scatmaaan!".