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by Pstonie (6 March 2004)

As I'm currently sitting here in front of my computer, just after 4 o'clock on a Sunday morning, I have been treated to a whole two hours of sleep in almost two days, but I'm happy. I'm happy because in a couple of minutes, twenty very expensive cars will scream away from a standing position at frightening velocities.

From the pictures, you've probably deduced that I'm talking about Formula 1, and you'd be right. I don't watch other sport. Rugby does not interest me (good news, given my country's performance), Cricket does no longer hold my attention for very long. But boy, oh boy, I can sure feel it when those remarkable cars pull away. Apparently launch control is no longer allowed, so this might very well improve the pull-away this year, at least on an audible level.

Take that, WRC!
As it has been from the start of my affinity for the sport, I'll be rooting for the McLaren team. I'm also a Montoya fan, and I've heard that this year will be his last driving for the Williams team, so he's definitely a guy to look out for. The Toyota team have become increasingly strong every year, since they entered the running, it's almost like it's all planned. I tell you, one day the Japanese will take over the world. Oh, what's that? Ah. That already happened.

The rules have become very dynamic over a year-to-year basis, mostly to neutralize the success of Ferrari and put some unpredictability back into the sport. Things were mixed up last year, and they appear to have been this year too, and it surely was a lot more fun in comparison to the boringness of 2002.

I hope that Montoya wins this race, I wish that him and Kimi Räikkönen stick it to the Reds and remain neck-in-neck for the championship this year. I hope that this is Schumacher's last year in Formula 1. Not very likely, but I remain optimistic.