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by Justas (9 March 2004)

Yes. I am soon going to finish Anachronox. You know, the game I've mentioned in a few earlier logs, always promising that I will soon write more about it. Well, one day I will. Actually, I could have even finished it today, if it wasn't for the fact that I decided to leave the game for a moment. But then I got carried away with other more or less important things, like writing this update and checking out the strange happenings in Ionias' thread at The Subspace Channel.

Hmm, perhaps I should explain. As Pstonie hinted three loggs ago, the only true adventure games nowadays are those made by the fans themselves. Most of the games are free, but a few are made commercial. Like "The Adventures of Fatman" by SOCKO! Entertainment. Now, you'd think that a point-n-click adventure game with simple 320x200 graphics wouldn't sell anymore? Well, it does. The game sold out faster than hot jelly cakes in Japan, but then he expected some errors with taxes and had to shut down the company. Which, in turn made the game abandonware and therefore free for all to download (from places such as Home of the Underdogs). One can only imagine how much he might have earned if it wasn't for this unfortunate turn of events.

Right, so what does all that have to do with this? Well, on Sunday evening, Mike Doak AKA Ionias, the creator of "Fatman", stumbled into #sq for the first time and announced that he wanted to work on a SQ fangame as his next project. Then we went through all the current projects and realised that there isn't any he could or would want to join. So he decided to start a new game and said that he needs a lead writer. At first, Pstonie recommended us, but Mike, being a nice guy, decided to give everyone a shot and started the contest, as you can see in the aformentioned thread. Needless to say, both Pstonie and I have decided to enter and that's one of the things that's been keeping me a bit busy.

Speaking of mashed potatoes, they haven't released a new Strong Bad E-mail at for two weeks now. Makes sense, since it will be the 100th. They must be working on something big, that's for sure. We'll keep you posted.