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Bad weather to run hell in

by Pstonie (10 March 2004)

"Good day, I'm your creepy call agent, you may call me daddy."
It is a positively beautiful day outside; not a cloud in the sky, fresh, cool air, sun shining. The worst weather to spend inside a call desk listening to people's sad stories about how their computers are mistreating them. Oh boy, some of them can put on such a show about their little mortal problems. Yeah, the slight god complex comes with the job. You control their lives, because the machine that was previously controlling it is now not functioning anymore and you need to fix it because, without it, they are helpless.

Of course, should we ever be at home and require assistance with something ourselves, our powers would be diminished to the point of seeming non-existence. We're all the victims of our own fear of control, I guess.

All that being said, I'd much rather spend the day out in the sun. This whole philosopher demigod thing is not doing wonders for my tan.