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The future is now

by Pstonie (17 March 2004)

No cure for male balding for at least another 26 years.
Ah yes, good old "the future" that used to be the topic of so much entertainment and debate. Now it seems that the only things people want to do is run around with swords, thinking up new twisted internet fetishes while saving the animal products. You realise of course that this is because of the French?

But enough of that, something today on Slashdot (Bah!) got my attention. Apparently CBS will be airing a pilot for a new television series tonight. The new show, Century City, will be a law drama... set twenty-six years in the future. I'd about thought that all the interest in anything future-related was dead, if only for a couple of years until the hippy vibe passed again. According to the CNN article, this show will also sketch the future in a positive and optimistic light. I find that very odd, I thought that people these days liked being depressed. Those of you who watch Enterprise can look forward to the very same ideas. Like this gem from Similitude:

Tuesday, March 16, 9PM ET/PT
A young boy’s father wants the right to use the boy’s genetic embryo clone to develop a baby who could donate a portion of his liver to save him.

What will they think of next?

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