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by Justas (8 April 2004)

The logo so far.
Hmm, it's been 10 days already since my last update? Well, I've been busy. Mostly doing work on VSB. Assuming that you don't know what it is, let me get you up-to-date with it. VSB is short for "Vohaul Strikes Back", which is another one of those Space Quest fangames. What originally started as a little Danish idea inside a newbie's post in a thread that the_wilco drove off-topic with a single post (which you can see here), has now been in works for nearly two years and getting closer to completion every day. Well, technically, the latter would apply to every project that is ever going to be completed, but... never mind.

The game is rumoured to feature... a ladder. Possibly even two.
Anyway, I joined the project in the summer of 2003 as a click event writer, when it had already evolved into one of the projects that was making some nice progress and hadn't been cancelled yet. The main incentive that made me want to work on it must have been the amazing backgrounds by Marty McFly, some early ones of which you can see on the heavily outdated and moderately cheesy website of the project. We've pretty much abandoned the site until we get some more game productioning done. Also, I took the liberty to reveal a miniature version of one of the rather less-revealing locations from the upcoming game in this logg as well.

As for the teamwork, it had pretty much died down around the beginning of 2004, so it needed a little kick-start. I had drifted away as school started, but returned in mid-March. Then I started helping them out with organising the Quality Control and in a few weeks, I became the lead of the QC department. So it's taking quite a lot of my time now, but I like doing it. Not to mention that it'll most likely contribute to us finally seeing a finished full-length non-AGI Space Quest fangame. Cheers.