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by Justas (18 April 2004)

Stan is back, grosser than ever!
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Hey all! Nothing interesting has happened to me as usual (at least anything you would be interested to hear about), so I'm doing a game review again. The game in question this time is M:I-2, LeChuck's Revenge (For a faster mirror, go here). As most Monkey Island fans reading this article must have derived by now, it is a remake of Monkey Island 2. Although I wouldn't really call it a remake. It's more of a spoof game. So don't expect any fancy high-quality backgrounds, improved interface or recomposed music. The things that have been changed, are the style and the plot (although the overall storyline still resembles that of the original MI2). And it's made in Klik'n'Play. For those who don't know, it is one of the worst game engines out there. So, unfortunately, most people won't even bother downloading this game when they find that out. The main purpose of this logg is to prevent this.

The strangest cameos you've ever seen
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Despite the bad engine, the game has been executed very well and it is without a doubt the best KNP game I have played to date. There are several things in this game I would've never thought even to be possible in KNP. The engine gives the game a really bad first impression, but once I got past the beginning and got used to the interface, I loved this game. And not just because it was made by a friend of mine, Christopher Ushko AKA Datadog AKA Macaroni Penguin AKA Raspberrybeard the Pirate AKA various other pseudonyms (Who is also partially involved in the production of the upcoming full-length Dr.Vo movie). Of course, you may also dislike the rest of the game, but you better not be judging it from the engine and first impression, or else I'll... I'll.. tell someone that your.. toes stink. Really bad.

Fight Club, anyone?
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The spoofs in the game are mainly directed at various movies, such as Fight Club as you can see on the picture to the right. And most of the best ones are concentrated into the several different endings - there's not one, not even two or three, but a whole nine different endings! In fact, the endings are such a large part of the game that they have been released as the 5th (or 4.5th) episode of the 4-part game. And instead of making the different endings available by saving, loading and finding out which decisions lead to which consequences, this game has a simple system. When you get to a certain point in the 4th part, you are given a password and two choices. One of the choices leads to the first ending, which ties up the plot with Curse of Monkey Island. The second choice eventually leads you to another password, which you can enter after launching Part 4.5. From there, you can pick your favourite from the 8 available endings (4 happy and 4 tragic ones), sit back and enjoy the show(s).

So go, download now and enjoy the best Klik'N'Play game in existance today!