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Adventure Games? Dead?

by Pstonie (20 April 2004)

No. In my opinion, merely misconceived. It has been a while now that people have been posting things like "Why adventure games are dead" and the ever-popular rebuttal "Na-ah. Not dead" in reference to adventure games.

As with many other things, it is merely a case of perception, how we seem to classify the genre being dead or not. The general consensus seems to be that, gee, we're seeing some new adventure games on the shelves these days, it's just in a low cycle, people would rather play the newer games like Quake or Grand Theft Auto.

You see, it's like this: Commercial adventure games, as the purists classify them, are dead. D E D, dead. If you looked at all the other commercial genres from back in the eighties, such as FPSs and the like, as you did with adventure games, they'd be classified with the same dead status. FPSs are far from the fake 3D, mind numbing walk-around-a-temple-and-press-CNTRL-fest that they used to be. The genres of yesteryear have all brought their individual good ideas and merged into what sells today. There are elements from most good things from a lot of other genres in newer games, which have mutated into the games that the hip people play. This is not new either, even those adventures from way back, that the purists hold so dear, often had action sequences that were derived from arcade games of even further back in time.

Yay, old stuff!
What of the old school fans of adventure games now? We're supposed to suck it up and wait for GTA : San Andreas to be released? Well, we can, but all is not lost. Those good old adventure games, that are still much fun, are available for free. Free, damn you! Fans of the original genre have started writing better engines and are making the games that would have made a lot of money in the day. Only now, they are available for free.

What has changed here? We don't have to play adventure games exclusively anymore to have an intelligent challenge, but you can get the pure stuff that you would have normally paid for, free of charge. Yeah, but that doesn't hold us from blaming other stuff, such as ingrown toenails, on John Romero, apparently.

Just because I'm such a nice guy, I've put together a short and incomplete list of some of the best free adventure games out there:

5 Days a Stranger
The Adventures of Fatman (Once successfully commercial, now freeware)
AGD interactive Remakes of various classics
Out Of Order
Permanent Daylight
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages