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The rhythm is going to get you, 'yo.'

by Pstonie (12 May 2004)

I've frequently considered myself as a 'jack of all trades'-kinda guy, fairly open-minded too. The other day I had pea soup, and I don't like peas or soup. Yeah, I know. You can mail in your marriage proposals now, ladies. I'll have to warn you though, they are unlikely to be read, as they are directed to my "more marriage proposals #4" folder and I don't have the time to wade through all of them.

I might never be as cool.
To get back to the topic at hand, I've recently decided to try my hand at composing music. I've never tried it before, but I thought I had a head start since I frequently sing Frank Sinatra songs in the shower, in the car and sometimes, on foot too. The results turned out to be less than satisfactory. My dreams of becoming the next Al "hot tunez" Humpton were shattered.

It's really hard moving into some new fields of expertise, especially music, because that IS really hard to do. Apparently, just adding some generic samples to a pattern in a tracker that happened to be the first Google hit isn't going to cut it (BTW, some of that was 'hot music mutha' jargon. More to follow). I had to do some actual work and research for this one. Soon, I knew the difference between a pluck and a finger, a swoop and a pronk (I made that last one up).

Maybe I'll be the next 'hot tunez' after a little work and some time. Once I have something half-half-decent, I'll let you guys know, possibly. Then, I'll guilt-trip you into listening to it and tell you that any negative feedback is crap. The skills of the musician are many.