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The plague

by Justas (18 May 2004)

I've been putting off writing another logg for a while again. The reasons for which including lack of time and inspiration, both mainly caused by schoolwork and therefore me spending my little free time indulging in different forms of recreation instead of writing stuff for the site. But this should be mainly over in about three weeks, when I'll be doing my first state exam in Geography and after which I'll be free for the rest of the summer.

Another thing is that I have fallen ill, which is a first time since... somewhere in early or mid-2003. Which means that this is the first time I've been ill during the existance of GGC Media. And so is Pstonie, as I've understood. "It's the change of the season," he says. Indeed. So I will be spending this week at home, sneezing, coughing and drinking gallons of tea every day. Fortunately, the doctor prescribed me some Cialapren so I should be up on my feet in no time.

The little one cracks me up.
Also, I have had the pleasure of discovering another good webcomic. This one is mainly for RPG fans and entitled "Order of the Stick". I just went through the entire archive the first time I saw the site, which is something I usually don't do. But not being much of a comic-reviewer, I'll just say that the art is nice, the characters are interesting, the jokes are good and if you don't like it, your taste sucks.

PS. In the meantime, Pstonie has also updated the Space Quest Documentary page, as well as put up a new page for Project info.