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by Pstonie (21 May 2004)

Yes, that's right. GGC Media has recently been added to the blogroll at Apropos of Something. Now, the GGC front page, or 'the Deskpot' as we call it, does not fully qualify as a blog. It is simply where Justas and I can post the word 'poop' to our hearts content, hence the title of this logg. It is simply what we do do distract the attention of our readers while we don't work on any of the projects but play GTA or Gunbound instead.

I felt a bit guilty about this whole cow in sheep's clothing thing, so I considered that we converted to the blog format for the front page. I cannot speak for Justas, but I know for a fact that my life is way too boring for anyone to care, but I also know that the proof of the pudding lies in how you sell it to the public. From my limited knowledge of the blogosphere (cool blogger lingo, yo), I know that you must have a selling point or some gimmick in order to secure your fifteen minutes of fame. I came up with a few, and because I'm not using them I've decided to post them here in case any aspiring bloggers needed a good idea to get their foot in the door.

Beyond the Womb Blog

The idea is simple, we are unborn infants (preferably human) that are using experimental technology to update our blog. Heard this before, right? Well, it gets better. Justas and I are Siamese twins, that are being carried by different mothers on different continents and we often compare our experiences and thereby provide helpful information on the difference that people can experience in different parts of the world.

Possible problems:
The blog would have a finite lifetime until it becomes the 'Beyond the Cot Blog'.
There is currently no technology to read the replies to our blog.

Pstonie is from Mars and Justas is from Venus Blog

Justas and I are from other worlds. We are both stranded here and our respective governments have disavowed our existence and we therefore have no way of getting back home. We are quite bitter about this and have decided to spread the truth about how bad the leaders of our world really are. Sometimes we talk about interesting Earth cultures, such as how everyone picks their noses but no one admits it. We also take the occasional pot shot at the credibility of Sci-Fi shows.

Possible problems:
Our governments have powerful weaponry and would destroy this planet if we made fun of them.
Your puny human brains would not be able to handle the magnificence.

Phobia Schmobia Blog

I am a 42-year-old call desk agent. By day, do tech support and make a list of 'clients that must die' with my own blood, by night I maintain a blog that covers my experiences as I try to overcome my crippling fear of the internet. The progress is slow but the blog sometimes features updates from my doctor, Justas. But my doctor is an abusive drunk and he often posts late at night, making fun of my problem and, for some reason, circus people.

Possible problems:
It would be hard for Justas to convey slurred speech into text.