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by Justas (8 June 2004)

Ahh, school's finally over for this year. Nearly three months of freedom ahead. And I already managed to get myself addicted to a little game, as well as begun the process of going through the entire archive of another web comic that was pointed out to me. Naturally, I'm now going to logg them.

Firstly, the game: Insaniquarium. Vizz (the person also responsible for my discovery of "Order of the Stick") had just discovered it and said: "When I discovered this game, I passed 2 hours in a row playing it. It's one of the most imaginative and original games I've played so far. I'd bet that if Justas tried it now, there would be a logg about it on GGC Media 3 hours later.". Well, it's been more like 17 hours, but here it is anyway. And instead of a standard review, I'll describe the different phases of the average throught patterns of a standard issue human being (also known as "ugly bag of mostly water") during the course of playing this game:

A-lot'sa clickin!
Phase 1: "A fish tank simulator? Eh, whatever, I'll give it a shot."
Phase 2: "Um. Why are these fish pooping coins?"
Phase 3: "Okay, looks playable... but why is such an easy-going game called Insaniquarium?"
Phase 4: "Oh, I see."
Phase 5: "My finger is beginning to hurt."
Phase 6: "Feed, feed, coin, feed, coin, coin, feed, coin..."
Phase 8: *seizure*

Click to see full comic
So there you have it. Fun game. Moving on to the webcomic. It's called Men In Hats and makes fun about religion, philosophy, stupidity, depression, salesmen and various other things. As I've said before, I'm not much of a comic reviewer, so I'll just show you the punchline half of one of the strips here and let you check out the rest of them on your own. Its style is quite similar to that of Elftor, which makes fun of even more sensitive issues like racism, anti-semitism and the metric system. In fact, I actually like Elftor more than Men In Hats, but I had already decided to make this logg about the latter and there's no more room for pictures. There would be if I could be arsed to write more at the moment, but unfortunately that is not so. Chirse.