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If the Commonwealth should last a thousand years, they shall say this was our finest hour

by Gareth (18 June 2004)

"It's all starting to take shape..."
As Winston Churchill once said. Yes, it's time for another logg.

Some of you may know (or may not know) I'm one of those boring people involved with, the fan project designed to create a new game in the Space Quest series. The seventh one, no less. No, it's true. Anyway, after an argument with someone over what the truth was about the project (i.e. I knew because I was there, and he didn't because - well, he wasn't) it made me think. SQ7 has actually done somethng over the past few years.

"She's got something to say to me, about me ever coming round."
If you haven't seen the trailer, go and take a look, it's pretty good. We also have a shed load of images, most of which we can't post for, uh, security reasons. We're working on our own game engine code, full motion video and, of course, copious amounts of sci-fi rip offs. We rule.

Other than that, I urge you to go out and buy Winning Days by the Vines. Some great tracks on there, including Ride and She's Got Something to Say to Me. Priceless. Well, about 12 actually. But almost priceless. Except for the price, obviously. You catch my drift, yeah? Right, I think my cheese on toast's done. Gloucester with a touch of soy sauce. Mmmm. Ciao.