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by Justas (20 June 2004)

The past few days have been rather shrowpy. So I'll be explaining it in detail. It all began on Tuesday. Actually, I was unable to recall whether it was that or Wednesday until Pansy said "Tuesday, because you gave me tofu and chocolate right after I got back from Uni on Tuesday morning, Jus." But more on that later on. The thing is that a few months ago, just after having played some GTA3, I went to #sq and found Pansy, a friend of mine and arch-nemesis of Pstonie, handing out spare hardware for those with computers less powerful than his. So I managed to grab myself a 256 MB stick of RAM (and a copy of "Tropico") in exchange for an Estonian chocolate bar and a CD with various things on it.

Gotta love the flying
So finally one day I received the RAM. The good news was that instead of 256, it was 512 MB. The bad news was that instead of SDRAM, it was DDRAM and therefore useless for me. So I decided to exchange it for a new video card. This process took a long time and I finally got that taken care of this Tuesday. Now, having little experience, I can't tell if this ATI Radeon 9200SE is good or bad for a 64MB card, but it sure as hell beats the living crap out of the 8MB Matrox Millennium I had before. Especially as I can play GTA: Vice City with this one. Hence the giving of virtual chocolate and tofu to the vegan that is Pansy.

"G'day, officers! I mean you no harm."
So that's what I've been doing for the last six days. Playing VC. Damn, that game is addictive. Mix that with no school, no summer job and nothing but rainy and soggy weather for the entire week - need I say more? But instead of talking too much about the game, I'll let you check out these screenshots (click on them for larger versions). In other news, we have reopened The Father Jack Avatar Gallery. Also, don't forget to check out our "new" forums, which are now more alive than ever (although that isn't saying much). Worth noting is our first continue-the-story thread, The Unbelievable Adventures of Fjoinky Number Two, to which everyone is welcome to post a fragment.