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by Justas (2 July 2004)

Time for an update logg. Firstly, we've had some changes in the site layout, as you may have noticed. There's now a collection of three random loggs for you below on the right side of the page, in the vain hope that someone will actually decide to read more than one logg at a time by noticing something interesting over there. The google search box is rather self-explanatory. We've added a new section to the menu, "Features", which also incorporates what used to be previously listed under "Cartoons". The Story #1 is none other than The Unbelievable Adventures of Fjoinky Number Two, the collaboratively-written hit novel straight from our relatively new forums.

Population: approximately 9 billion.
All Borg.
In other news, GGC Media is proud to present the brand new site design of, which was uploaded today. Head over and check it out. This was mostly done by Pstonie, with me helping out in the form of a few suggestions and picking out the background colour. Also, the Jackatars page has been updated and more is about to be added in the coming days. As we don't make loggs so often, the best way to keep track of it is by checking the dedicated forum thread. And don't forget to make your own!

Now, as Pstonie had been suggesting me ever since I started watching Star Trek: TNG, I finally saw "First Contact" today. He said it was a brilliant movie. And an awesome movie. He said it was... imperative. And I wasn't disappointed. Good stuff. And just after seeing the movie, I found this from The Subspace Channel. Cracked me up pretty good, so I decided to mention it in this logg. Cheers.