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Browser War

by Pstonie (16 July 2004)

For some of you, reading the words 'browser war' may cause you to get very excited. So excited that it could be considered unhealthy in medical terms. I couldn't actually care less what type of browser people use, but since Gareth did such a nice job of telling you why Opera is a good idea, I thought that it would only be good manners if I told you why I think it isn't.

I cannot now recall what it is that prompted me to move away from Internet Explorer when I did. My best guess is that it was probably because I wanted an easy way to access Good Old Adventures. At that point, pop-up blocking and tabbed browsing were luxuries and not necessities. Anyhow, I tried out just about every browser that people suggested to me. Justas was already an Opera convert and was making his way from door to door, asking people if they'd found inner peace through browsing yet. Naturally, I tried it, and it was good. Opera had a lot of features. It also was very shiny, so it made me feel cooler through using it.

I was just enjoying my honeymoon from my marriage with Opera when I started to see the flaws. For starters, it still crashed as much as IE did, only now it took Windows 98SE down with it. It also had a tendency to generate the content that I accessed from bits of all the files on my harddrive instead of getting it from the net, meaning that it would cause a lot of harddrive activity when I actually, you know, clicked on something.

The fox that humps the planet.
My representation of actual events and facts can't be very accurate here. Soon after, I upgraded my PIII and switched to Windows XP. It's now hard to imagine what it used to be like to reboot every now and then. I also switched browsers to Firefox and that's what I've been using ever since (adjusting for name changes at every applicable version).

While I use only Firefox, I have Opera, IE and regular old Mozilla installed in order to test new page features. I've tried a bit of them all but I just could not bring myself to changing browsers back to Opera. Be it the idea that it's tried to stuff everything within arm's reach into one application, or the fact that it's very anally retentive about HTML, there is something I just don't like about it. As for Firefox, it's a small, fast browser with all the necessary features such as tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking, plus you can install all the unnecessary features via extensions.

Download Firefox. Or don't, if you like.