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The Day The Ice Age Ended

by Justas (19 July 2004)

After having woken up this morning (mainly because of overhearing my mother describing a Norwegian can of fish she found in the fridge that had apparently expired in 1999) and taking a look in the calendar, I thought... July the 19th. Why does that strike me as important? For a second there I thought that it might've been Pstonie's dog's birthday, but that wasn't it. And then I remembered. According to Dougal's diary in the first episode of the second season of "Father Ted" (a show most widely known as the source of inspiration for the world-famous Jackatars), July 19th is the day the Ice Age ended. And to prove it, here is an mp3 from that very episode. Seeing as Pstonie had already taken the liberty to celebrate First Contact Day and Captain Picard Day here at GGC, I decided that now it was my turn.

And I'll celebrate this most delightful day by telling you what has kept us from logging too often recently. I can't really say that I've been busy, although I have been working on VSB more than usual (we just released a small public status update), as well as both me and Pstonie have been doing a little work on various GGC-related things that may or may not be revealed in the near future, so watch out. And do note that a small box with the latest forum threads has now been added to the bottom of the right sidebar.

PS. For those of you who might care, I would like to point out that Strategy First has not-so-recently announced the production of Jagged Alliance 3 and Jagged Alliance 3D (the latter even has some early alpha screenshots). Cheers.