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Oh What A Lovely War

by Gareth (22 July 2004)

As the great film once said. Ah, yes, you've guessed by the picture haven't you? It's StarCraft.

StarCraft - Blizzard's gem
I originally got the game about a year and a half ago - Christmas 2002 I think - as a bundle with Blizzard's other successful games Diablo and WarCraft II. I still play Diablo online from time to time, but it's only ever any good with friends and is far too buggy to trust anyone with. Hackers and bug abusers are rife. Diablo was released in 1996 when internet play was still a relatively novel concept, especially for those that didn't live in the US or Japan. But the that Diablo spawned proved the basis for the multiplayer StarCraft. And that, my friends, is where we shall bring you the point to all of this.

Now that I have a reliable broadband connection, I've been virtually living my life glued to a computer screen. One of the ways to keep me sane is online gaming and, as my PC isn't the most brilliant in the world, StarCraft is a good laugh and not a drain on my resources.

Attacking Justas with a Carrier Fleet.
And guess who else has StarCraft? Yes, Pstonie. And he recommended it so highly, he bought a copy for Justas so he could play online. How sweet. So now, GGC are proud to present the GGC StarCraft Challenge! Feel you can beat one of us in a battle of sci-fi wits? You're probably right. Anyway, we've had quite a few one-on-ones and having great fun. Unfortunately, when we try and play together it's so laggy you can't do anything, which is weird considering we all have connections over 500K.

So, if you want to play us at all, drop us an e-mail or talk to us on the forum and we'll arrange something, or just log onto the Europe server and see if the game GGC_game is on and not password protected. Currently, Pstonie has 3 wins, I have 1 and Justas has 0. It's in its infancy, but it's getting fun. And you can be part of the fun. No really, you can. Just don't beat us too badly. We're still "n00bz lol!!!!11" or something like that. People shout the strangest things.