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Horpy and the Gang

by Justas (20 August 2004)

I figured it's about time we let you all in on what's been keeping us busy for the last few somethings or another. And I'd better start from the beginning. Last week I was on a family vacation in Finland. It wasn't anything much new or exciting for me and the weather was quite rainy, so I spent a good chunk of time using the computer over there (which was running a Finnish copy of Windows 98). But I wasn't the only bored one, as Pstonie opened up MS Paint at work one day and started drawing random things. Such as Horpy, Carrotpatch Commie and Onionhead Man (who is actually a potato).

"I dance like El Burro, eh!"
After receiving the acknowledged Justasian Approval Of "Heh. Cool. But... BMP?", he then proceeded with drawing a test comic (This time resampled by 50% and in PNG). Having nothing better to do, I thought a bit and made a Komik #2. Later on, after half a day of driving around in random Finnish places, I got inspired and also decided to upgrade the "quality", which resulted in Comique #3 (The monobrow thing is an old in-joke, not meant to be comprehended).

As I'd gotten some partial positive feedback from #sq (and Pstonie said that the comics look too ugly to be shown on the site), I fired up Flash MX at home and vectorised the bunch of thems, this time with Reever because he's cool. And then, last night, Pstonie said: "I demand that you make something amusing in flash. I demand that you entertain me!", which implored me to create what this logg is mainly all about. This.