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Written Under The Influence

by Pstonie (23 August 2004)

We're not unaware of the effects of little and irregular sleep here. I cannot speak for Gareth, but I know that Justas and I have been part of the sleep-depraved club for some time and he has touched on this subject before. I guess you could say that it's one of our more defining characteristics.

Even sleep is more fun.
While Justas has taken on a more natural roughly 0h00 to 11h00 sleep routine, my participation in the action of sleep has become more erratic of late. In my mind this has caused my dear Estonian friend to be ejected from the sleep depraved clubhouse, leaving me to a solitude of waking horror. Normally I would have hated this and tried to normalise my patterns of rest but I've found it to be an experience of new awakening, so to speak.

To be completely within the bounds of reason, this is probably solely a fiction of my own perception. Heavily intoxicated individuals often have moments where (they think) they realise the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Still, I think this is worth loggging. Perhaps you can only understand the universe after you've drunk a bottle of tequila off the body of a hooker who may not be completely done with gender transformation treatments.

My 'plain of higher thought' is achieved by means that are relatively socially acceptable. I've taken on an additional diet of coffee and candy as a replacement for sleep. To give you an idea, Horpy and his friends were created in this state, as was The Life of Terry the Particle, a short story with which I'm not entirely satisfied. This new state of being has blessed me with some interesting ideas and it seems to make me think that I can write remarkably interesting things. Of course, nothing is free and the things that I create while under the influence will hopefully justify the years it will probably take off my life. Skõl!