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This week, I've been mostly listening to...

by Gareth (30 August 2004)

... as that guy from The Fast Show used to say. If music be the food of love, as Count Orsino said, rock on. I've been sat in front of my PC (when I get chance) trying to put together a load of songs that will just make me feel good and allow me to "get down with my bad self". There's some crap in there, but here are just a few tracks you should try and grab a copy of.

"Oooh. Ain't they funny lookin'?"
Boys Don't Cry - The Cure - It's quite an old song, but it's still a classic. And, surprisingly, I know of very few people that have ever heard of The Cure. Which is a little odd considering they've done a number of really good songs. And there's a new album out. Hurrah! I'd heard this track quite a number of times on the TV and finally bought a compilation album of mid-80s alt rock, which also introduced me to The Cult, New Order and The Only Ones. I think what's also so interesting about The Cure is how weird they look and yet how well spoken the lead singer is. Imagine a British news reader with lipstick and wirey, black hair. And as the new video "The End of the World" will atest, they're all just plain mad.

"Oooh. Ain't they slightly less funny lookin'?"
Private Eye - Alkaline Trio - In between "watching flies f--- on Channel 11" and "lifting up floor boards" this is about as good as pop-punk gets. Except for perhaps Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, The Offspring... well, virtually any band in the genre you can think of. BUT, if the genre was full of Bowling For Soups, voila! Perfection. There's something definitely sinister about this song, and yet it's so uplifting. Strange. Heavy chords, much clunking of guitar strings - a perfect night in with the family.

Actually, this genre seems to be there a lot at the moment. I've also got She's Got Issues by the Offspring, Waiting, Warning, American Idiot et al by Green Day, All The Small Things by Blink 182... But of course, no collection is complete without some tunes simply to mix it up a bit. Enter Beethoven's 9th, Ride of the Valkyries and 1812 Overture to name but a few. Then there's some stuff by The BLues Band and some Nu Jazz. 7 hours 22 minutes and 56 seconds of everything I want.

But the perfect song in the collection? Elektronik, Supersonik.