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Travel in Stijle

by Pstonie (3 September 2004)

Many people would have you believe that travelling the world or, at least, being well-travelled is important. There are certain things that you assume about the rest of the world. Assumptions such as 'Africans all wear rings around their necks' and 'Estonians get schooling past the fourth grade'. When these myths are expunged via actual field experience I believe that your view and understanding of the world will change and that can come in pretty handy.

"A worker at the Sjerezo nuclear power plant proudly demonstrates the central reactor core, safely protected by her lead-lined shawl." -Molvania
Ah, but this soul isn't going to kill itself. Some of us have to work and need to find some other way to expand their experience of the planet. Some choose to experience the Internet. Alas, the Internet, for the benefit of the point I'm trying to make, is made up of lies, lies and then an inflated pink poodle that has the word 'LIES' written on it in big, bold letters. Then, there is also the collective travel experience of one country crammed into one volume of literary delight (books). There is nothing quite like sitting down in front of a roaring fire with a good book while sipping on a glass of well-aged goat's blood.

Molvania is such a book. It will take you on a journey through the culturally diverse Molvania and share with you the experience of travelling the country. With the vivid image that this book creates aside, it is the funniest book I've ever read. You will need to actually read it to see what I mean, but I can certainly give you a taste:
Molvanian is a difficult language to speak, let alone master. There are four genders: male, female, neutral, and the collective noun for cheeses, which occupies a nominative sub-section of its very own. The language also contains numerous irregular verbs, archaic phrases, words of multiple meaning and several phonetic sounds linguists suspect could represent either a rare dialect or merely peasants clearing their throat.

I don't want to give the true nature of the book away here. True, it might actually be one of the funniest pieces of literature to come out of humanity, but I want you to discover that for yourself. Of course, Elektronik Supersonik is a must-see too. Krokystrokiskiaskya!