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"Peg, did your mother get so fat she spread across the border?"

by Justas (12 September 2004)

Contrary to the popular belief, Married... With Children is actually well good. It's like My Family, only in the USA and with a set of neighbours. And it begins in the '80s, a decade I've loved ever since playing Vice City for the fifth or sixth time. Quote from the beginning of the first episode ever:

Al: (holding up a small cactus) "Sweetie... is this your little cactus?"
Peg: "Uh-huh."
Al: "Any particular reason you put it where the alarm clock used to be?"
Peg: "I thought it would dress up the room a little bit... Oh gee, I meant to tell you to be careful when you slammed your hand down on it this morning..."
Al: (holding up his bandaged hand) "Well, you didn't."
Peg: "Sorry."
Al: "It's okay, I stopped the bleeding with your slip."

I rest my case.

Well, yes, when I was younger and first confronted with the Bundy experience, I disliked it because I thought it was lame. The thought of it being a parody never crossed my mind, so I kept criticising the show on every opportunity. By the time I finally became self-enlightened about its brilliance, it had already reached the very last seasons here. It was many years ago when they finally stopped showing it, but it went out with a big bang - Estonia's first TV marathon - about 4 and a half hours of the best episodes. I taped the whole thing. Then, a year or two later I read from a TV guide that they had plans to start showing it again soon. Despite being a year or two later, it still took many more years for the time to reach the what is and was last Monday. Which is when the show finally did return. Being usually aired at somewhere between 23:00 and midnight (depending on the day), it will now greatly help me to re-enter my long-anticipated state of sleep deprivation. Go Bundy!