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Ooh, Upgrade!

by Pstonie (1 October 2004)

You might have noticed the slightly shiny new logo and the new menu design to the left. It's long overdue and so are the updates that I did to the engine that runs the site. Yeah, I did an entire rewrite of pretty much the whole thing.

PHP in a cooler artist's MS Paint impression.
First off, check out the "Whuddup" section, the darker grey bar, top right. This is a little section that we'll use to post minor updates or cool links in. In theory, it should be updated more frequently than the Deskpot itself and the minor updates should be something like "Gareth's cat is pregnant again" or "Gareth arrested for feline molestation." Secondly, there is the search feature (lower menu on the left) which can be used to search the logg archive. It uses the title, description and keywords from the loggs to match what you search for and then arranges the results, putting the most relevant items on top. Thirdly, I've done a few minor updates to the way in which loggs are viewed. Most notably is the comments on a logg, that are extracted from the forum, and then displayed at the bottom of the actual loggs in a format similar to that of most Blogs. It only displays the first page of comments and replies, to keep things short. The comments are still posted through the forum, though. Check out this logg, for example, to see what I mean.

I've been meaning to do this update for quite some time, and I've been working on and off on it since then. This week I decided that I'm going to use my day off (yesterday) to finish the whole thing off, and so I did. Sitting in front of the computer for the whole day, coding a language within a language, within a language sometimes can be quite surreal. There are a limited number of features which I still wish to implement and there are also some that I didn't mention here. All shall become clear in the future.