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by Pstonie (17 October 2004)

You might have noticed in the past week or so that 'Pstonie is reading again' from the 'WHUDDUP' bar. And, from the link you might gather that I was reading the Amazon page containing information about the print version of Fight Club. That may have been a bit misleading, I was actually reading the book itself.

For some reason I thought about the first time I saw Fight Club
Now I can imagine your responses at this stage; "Books?" "Like on paper? ...And not on computers?" "Like the engine they used for Doom I?" I've got a whole list of these. Neh, so here I was, being of the Internet, searching for more information on Fight Club, a movie that had completely captured my attention by then. The name Chuck Palahniuk somehow came up and I found that this fascinating movie was based on a book written by Chuck. I promptly ordered it from an online service, hoping that it could get me reading again.

A week later I had it in my hands. A pink paperback. Smaller book than the others that I tried to make recapture my love of reading. Like the book by Dan Brown about some old dude that dies and then some other dude with stubble goes to-- and that's about as far as I got with that one.

No, this time I think that my attempt was successful. I've been reading quite a lot more. Reading a Star Trek novel in the car while it's raining. Reading Fight Club outside while smoking (Yes, I do smoke, Gareth). It's quite an interesting experience to go back to the proverbial basics again. No PHP page to leave comments about how you would have written a better book, had you any writing skill, and so forth.

Sorry if my post here seems a bit rough around the edges, I've felt a bit unfocussed lately. I think the rest of the GGC crew can say just about the same. Unexplainable.