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This Makes My Parts Hurt

by Pstonie (25 October 2004)

Monday morning, Monday morning. At work here, in the office where I am located, we have a command/nerve center-type interface. There are several large screens in front of us and our seats and row desks are positioned in such a way to suggest that we should care about the contents of those screens. It's a type of Star Trek-like display that informs us of the network connectivity of the sites of some of the accounts and the status and performance of the call desk. Reminds me of the bridge of the Enterprise, which makes me feel that much cooler. Thing is, something big appears to have happened to one of the accounts over the weekend, as the network display for all of the client's sites as well as the incoming call display has gone bright red.

Duty on the starship Bizarro
A similar situation on the Enterprise D would be that they were having a Christmas party on the bridge and just by chance happened to notice that about forty Romulan warbirds have decloaked and are in the process of launching several photon torpedoes at the Enterprise. I can imagine Riker yelling for red alert and that the shields be raised at Mr. Worf's earliest convenience. "Why is it always a game of chess with them?" Picard would enquire, to which Mr. Data would respond that he doubts that the Romulans would like to play chess.

It wouldn't be fair to compare this company to the Enterprise, however. This company would be a very old starship, flung into the far reaches of the galaxy which has caused the crew to set a course for home, only in the wrong direction. The senior officers would have to dress in hula skirts and would use jugs to pour water down a replicator to create the illusion of a fountain on the bridge. These would be direct orders from the captain, who has gone mad and had the engineer replace the tactical station with a clown that plays Christmas carols when someone yells 'fire'.

Yeah, just thought I'd share my morning experience. Justas is currently away somewhere in Moscow, as stated. And I'm currently working on a rather interesting flash movie.