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Despite [this] Gillen got on quite well with the Arunta...

by Gareth (30 October 2004)

As my history book say. The racist comments of Mr. Gillen are not for here, but let's just say anthropology and sociology have come on a long way since the late 19th century.

Yes. I'm at university. Reading, reading, writing and reading. Oh, and occasionally having a pint or 8. But only occasionally, you'll understand. Perhaps what you won't understand, if you're American, is what I'm about to tell you. If I have to explain this again, I hope you get lumped with Bush for another 4 years:-

1 - I am not MAJORING in anything. I am studying history. Full stop. No MINORS, no MAJORS, just history.

Actually, I only had one thing to say. Bit of an anticlimax there, I suppose. So, anyway, life is interesting. Running, jumping, climing trees. Watching LOADS of films in the Student Cinema, doing laundry, cooking meals, paying rent. All the stuff normal people do, only with lots of time off. Oh, and 12,000 to pay off once I'm finished in the form of a student loan. Ah, c'est la vie.

GGC has been the proud supporter of the "Get Gareth Poor" fund for many years, and it's my great pleasure to continue to rack up a massive debt and poverty based on their generous help. Thanks guys. Your cheques are in the post.

Keep on truckin'