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by Justas (4 December 2004)

Actually, I'd been rather interested in Ukraine even before all the recent fuss about it. And not only about Chernobyl. Furthermore, my interest does not purely lie in the fact that I'm East European (or red bread, as Gareth calls us), as most people over here don't give a crap about it. But this is not the case over at the GGC. As was once said by Pstonie, "Ukraine - the land of nuclear disasters, oversized fruit and characters who die in the first season.". Amen.

I don't suppose the 'nuclear disasters' needs any clarification, nor the first season thing that is a strikingly painfully forpdungrumptiously obvious reference to Tasha Yar from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' (Who, in the greatly anticipated re-release, according to the rumours,

Horpy has a friend in Ukraine.
Now, you can, too!
will now be killed in each episode, as a reference to Kenny from 'South Park'). However, as for 'oversized fruit', what Pstonie had in mind, were watermelons. Especially the fact that during the saying of the quote, it was Ukrainian watermelon season over here and consequently I bought and ate one almost every day and commented my culinary experiences in MSN conversations. As for it being 'oversized', I should point out that in South Africa, all forms of fruit that are, on average, larger than the average brain of the average South African, are frowned upon. Because of the apartheid. So they rarely eat anything larger than grapes. *badam pish!*

Additionally, Ukraine is also known for widespread prostitution, winning the Eurovision in 2004 and its vast quantities of manganese, not unsimilarly to South Africa. In conclusion: