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Life Goes On

by Pstonie (9 February 2005)

This is, as far as I know and I'm too lazy to confirm, a new record. It's been almost a month since any one of us did a logg. Now, I figured that Justas would notice this sometime between now and June and then would write a logg with what I'm about to tell you so I might as well beat him to it.

We actually, impressive as this is, haven't done anything. Nothing that we could show you, anyway. Justas has been reading some books and boning up on PHP. As near as I can tell, he is planning to use his PHP skills in conjuction with what he learned about the outside world from Dilbert and Kafka to create a virtual girlfriend. In my heart I hope that he is planning to share his creation with us but logic tells me that he's actually creating it (her) to get Olzen off his back.

"Uh huh uh, you said 'Bush'"
"Mneh mneheh, you said 'Dick'"
If I know Gareth, which I don't, then I know that he's spending great amounts of his free time moping about how England is getting rammed up the arse by South Africa in the current ODI Cricket series. His non-free time is spent in University where he studies either history or Danish sausage. This is what I know of Gareth.

Slarti is our silent partner. Silent, that is, until it comes to moaning my name in his sleep. I assume it's my name since he has called me "Dick" / "A dick". I'm just assuming here, so he might be moaning for dick, as in the noun. Don't ask me how I know all this.

I have been planning to do some more impressive work on the PHP engine that runs the site. And the truth is that it is dashingly unimpressive in the end. I'm working on a whole new level of mediocrity here. I've also been planning to do some more flash ever since BTVC was released. That was in early November. So, yes. I think it is apparent that nothing of interest is happening here. All the cool things have been happening in the forums and that's saying a lot. I'll try to build something noteworthy in the near future but I won't promise anything.