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Burt Reynolds?

by Justas (16 March 2005)

Who's Mike?

I had a vision today. One that involved creating a logg that includes a picture of Burt Reynolds. Here he is, in all his glory.

In other news, I'm afraid this year's pickle craze may be passing. I just opened a jar and they're all sour and very rather nakkered.

Speaking of that story, it might just be that I'm trying to catch up with Pstonie on the loggs in order to get him to post in there. In a sort of a shorter-and-more-spontaneous-logg-format-proposing way. "Although it doesn't... quite... work.... yeah, I think it's their beeks. They sharpen their beeks and then *pffump!*, they take your head off."

And speaking of things that this logg should be about: moink and boink. Faschirble!