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She's Incredible Math

by Pstonie (21 June 2005)

It's done, it's up, and it only took about three days. Three full bloody days. I'd like to think that my time was worth it, that my endeavor was noble. I'd like to think that my effort will keep our visitors informed of new things that we produce in our free time, that it's not just so that people can whine about where the little dog in the sombrero and the three oiled-up girls in bikinis making out went.

Mostly everything we had before is still here plus a little extra, just to keep our large fanbase informed about just what's not happening here. For the longest time now I've wanted to redesign the site and finally managed to do it with the minimum of objections from Justas. When I had finally come up with a worthy design Justas and I could not agree on the little details of it. I finally gave up on the fight for my coveted three-column design. Just so that I can get on with my life, you understand. But in the end I think this design, with a few minor modifications, worked out just fine. Awesome, I say.

Besides this none of us have been up to much as far as I know. I have been enjoying three weeks away from work. Three weeks that I've been using mostly to flake out and stare at random things for hours. As for Justas, well, I don't know how to put this. He got his hands on something called San Andreas and I'm sure his memory of the last few days is a bit spotty. When it comes to Gareth and Slarti I'm not allowed to say anything specific. All I can say is 'alcohol poisoning' and 'indecent exposure' and you have to guess which applies where. Yeap, yeap. That be my column, I done wrote it.