Ambitious, but rubbish

Battlestar Galactica, yo

Feuer Frei!


Space Quest something!

Back in __ minutes

All the memories are too few


Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!

5 Things I have learned from cancelled projects

by Pstonie (16 July 2005)

You can't rely on people to get something completed, this includes yourself.

Sweatshops smell of onions.

A lot of ideas you have in MSN conversations at 3:30 AM are bad ones.

Danes can't correctly pronounce a word if the letter "J" isn't present three times.

If it's not going to be worth enjoying more than once, it's probably not worth making.