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My desert island all-time top 5 movies

by Pstonie (18 August 2005)

You're going to be stuck on a desert island, possibly indefinitely. Which five movies do you bring? Obviously you have to go for something that you like and will last you a long time. Here's my list:

5) The Green Mile
It's 3 hours long, for starters. But the reason I'll bring it is that I've always been entertained in those 3 hours.

4) Plan 9 From Outer Space
This used to be American Beauty. You're going to need something to keep you entertained the way only an Ed Wood movie knows how.

3) High Fidelity
There's a lot happening here and it's funny, intelligent and has some great music.

2) Star Wars: Episode V
Episode III was without a doubt the most awesome cinematic experience I've ever had, but I kinda find that I liked Episode V better.

1) Fight Club
Great writing, acting, special effects and, most importantly, directing comes together in an unprecedented and highly unlikely way to make the best movie of our time. I watch it often and I still keep wanting to see it again.