Ambitious, but rubbish

Battlestar Galactica, yo

Feuer Frei!


Space Quest something!

Back in __ minutes

All the memories are too few


Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!

Hoping for a ticket home

by Pstonie (29 August 2005)

Eeeexcellent... If all goes to plan the next version of the GGC PHP Engine should be uploaded and working soon. Probably by Thursday or Friday or something, the plan is not that detailed. I've been doing some mucho changes to the code, crawling ever closer to what Justas and I are calling "The Big Fix".

I was working diligently a little over a week ago to get the new design up before I was kicked off the internet by merciless capitalism, and the work of this one day is visible. I've been working since then on the next version of the engine, making large and fantastic changes to the code, you will not see a lot of changes from this. If I notice any visible changes I'll probably point them out. Mostly though, I just felt like writing something.