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Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!


by Pstonie (1 September 2005)

As far as I recall we haven't announced the change on the features display. In addition to the newest ones being listed on the main page there is the 'Features' page that contains all the features we've done. They have now been grouped by a very complicated and impressive algorithm that determines their level of coolness. If they're cool enough they're listed first, if they're not they're grouped under the cool ones, branded with the heading: "Other Features".

Before today the individual pages for each of these features would in many cases load the actual flash file when you open it. I've changed that now. If you open a feature, Banana Ted for example, it will only load the description and it will place a link to the flash file at the bottom of the text. It should open the flash properly sized when you click the link.

# I've got this feeling, so appealing