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Izzonics: The application of Izzard quotes in everyday life

by Pstonie (16 September 2005)

This happens more often than you'd think, like on Slashdot today:

Linux Trademark Rejected in Australia
Linus Torvalds' bid to have the word 'Linux' trademarked in Australia has failed, with the local intellectual property regulator sending his lawyer a vitriolic letter deriding efforts to provide evidence the trademark application was legitimate. In the letter, the regulator points out that information from Wikipedia and Google used by the lawyer to support the trademark application is simply not effective in making the case for a trademark to be registered.

And Eddie Izzard said:

You know, nowadays if you say, "I think that soot is the elixir of life, if mixed with water," then you have to say, "Well, prove it!" "I will prove it, with string and iodine and a note from my mother." But in Aristotle's time you could say, "the sun goes around the Earth" and they would say, "Well done! That's a theory. Fantastic! Just a few photos, all right? Good to see you."