Ambitious, but rubbish

Battlestar Galactica, yo

Feuer Frei!


Space Quest something!

Back in __ minutes

All the memories are too few


Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average dane

Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

Real-life teleportation invented in Ja..., wait... Denmark?

Photoset: Zombie and pirate rights march

Catchy something something... in Space!

Happy death by carrot day!

by Pstonie (3 October 2005)

At some point today you'll decide to take stock of your life and realise that everyone sees you as a complete failure and that you agree with them.

You'll try to kill yourself with a carrot but it will only make you hungry and you'll eat it with some pizza. After a pizza nap you'll decide to hurl yourself into some traffic but you'll fail by jumping like a girl and hitting your head on the pavement.

When you wake up a genie will give you a magic chicken. You'll realise that this is what you've always wanted but then you'll really wake up, sans chicken. The greengrocer will be closed already, no suicide today.

PS: Scientists have proven that girls are pretty.