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Tryin’ to win you with her feminine ways

by Pstonie (13 October 2005)

Does anyone remember that guy that got drugged-up and chopped off his dick because he thought it was posessed by a demon? I think that guy went and wrote a book. According to him a lot of top supermodels have struck a deal with the dark lord, and by that he doesn't mean Darth Vader.

Before they sold their souls to Satan, most of these women had faces that would stop a clock -- you'd be stunned at what plain Janes they were. The Evil One used his dark powers to remake these 'nobodies' from top to bottom -- taking away their flabby guts, sagging behinds and oversized schnozzes, while endowing them with high cheekbones, long, shapely legs and tight, toned buns.

There's also a list of things that proves a model is one of satan's bitches, including moles. This is right up there with the guy that marks off his body because he thinks the US government is stealing his flesh.