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Spambots infiltrating mankind

by Justas (14 November 2005)

A recent trend of spambots allegedly becoming more and more human-like is causing wild uproar in paranoid commmunities all over the world.

"At first, they were much simpler - you could spot a spambot among real people in an instance," said Phyllis McHamwich, a blogger from The Internet, "But now, things are changing. They are behaving more and more like real people - quoting people on forums, editing wiki pages.... soon we won't be able to tell them apart from real people and they'll take over the world!"

Others, however, assure us that the threat is largely overstated.

"There is NO THING for to WORRY about ;)" said Confidentially R. Bedbugs, the new president of the United States, "your MAN HOOD is back when gain TWENTY inches of long, hard ERECTTION in just TWO WEEKS! Buy CIALAPREN and make HER HAPPY now :)"