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Hurricane season ends, leaves fans yearning for more

by Justas (29 November 2005)

Well, it's official now. The longest-running, most action-packed hurricane season so far has officially ended with the broadcasting of Tropical Storm Epsilon, the season finale.

"Man, what a cliffhanger!" exclaimed Steve McJeffJeff, a member of the hurricane fan club, "I just can't wait for June!"

However, it was not always all fun and games. Aside from the piracy scandal, the network had, despite wild opposition from the fans, planned to cut the season short in mid-August due to low ratings. But thanks to all the petitions and campaigns organised by the fans, Hurricane Katrina became one of the most successful ones ever witnessed by mankind, prompting the network not only to keep the full season, but to order a whole five extra episodes, far exceeding everyone's expectations.

And as if that weren't enough, the 2006 season is expected to turn out even more spectacular.

But as always, not everyone is satisfied. "The hurricanes have, in my opinion, jumped the shark long ago," noted Memphis Tacker, an avid sci-fi fan, "They should come up with something new. I mean, it's the 21st century, for god's sake! We could really use an alien invasion right about now."