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Super Adbot Plus v7.0!

by Pstonie (1 December 2005)

Are you or your organisation having trouble reaching new consumers? Are international laws and human decency preventing you from advertising in the usual manner? If so, look no further. Super Adbot Plus will put your product in the inboxes, lives and suicide notes of billions of potential buyers.

Advertising has always been a mostly underhanded and generally ineffectual way to make potential consumers aware of new products and services. At Adbot Software we've perfected that basic formula to make advertising constantly underhanded but very effectual. They can't ignore you forever, can they?

Witness our groundbreaking anti-anti-spam filter in action!
Our flagship product, Super Adbot, has recently been upgraded to version 7 and the Plus version has also come out of beta. These two software packages will deliver a barrage of advertising for your product to literally almost billions of potential buyers worldwide!

Here is a short list of features that you can take advantage of with Super Adbot v7.0:
Adbot mailing client delivers your message to virtually almost billions of e-mail addresses
Advanced anti-anti-spam will ensure that your message cannot be read by any anti-spam system, or any human person
Nigerian spellchecker for any royal family crisis-related messages
Did we mention all the millions of people that will be e-Mailed?!

The following features are available only in the Super Adbot Plus package:
Advanced spyware to be distributed by any sites that advertises your product
Our spyware software has the ability to report on all the actions of virtually billions of customers. Be bored with someone else's life for a change!
Should you sign up for the added platinum account, up to four of our highly-skilled employees will infiltrate your customers' lives and casually slip in news about your product in conversations.

With features like these, who can resist? No one, that's who!

-Brother M. Jeffreyman
CEO, Adbot Software