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Godzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1

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Play the game

by Pstonie (11 January 2006)

What I want is to be able to play a lap or two of NFS : Most Wanted, then I want to come back and mess around a bit in Flash. I want to be able to play music now, at the press of a button and browse through any folder of images with one key. If I feel like it, I want to play a quick level or two of Quake 4 and then come back and watch any type of video on my system with a single application. If it's time, I'd like to mess about in San Andreas, capture it all to video and then cut it together.

They say that there are over 70,000 applications available for Windows. This was years ago. You find any other operating system that can do this, you call me. Have me paged.