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Grand Theft Chrono

by Pstonie (21 January 2006)

Although my infatuation with all things GTA is well documented, San Andreas hasn't been installed on my hard drive for months. I thought that my interest in the locations and happenings from these games would never fail. I've been over it again and again, I've done it every way I can think of but the boredom eventually caught up with the experience. In those ways it's exactly like masturbation, then.

Out of sheer boredom I happened to find this review on the new multiplayer mod that is coming out for San Andreas. It looks good, really good. My problem with the original MTA mod for Vice City wasn't so much the crashing as the bugs that made the game unplayable while running. There's no word on the status of those, but the MTA team have posted some measurements that are looking really impressive. I remember Justas saying that it looks like it may come out in a week or so, so here's to waiting for it. I might actually give it a shot.